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When is the Perfect Time to Highlight Your Home with Outdoor Lighting?

Just a few months ago, when the weather was still warm in the evenings, we shared tips on how to add outdoor lighting to create cozy spaces to spend your time outdoors. We covered:

  • How to plan your vision of the outdoor living space
  • How to choose your fixtures
  • Which key spots to brighten
  • How to plan around increased energy bills, improper placement and adding too much light.
  • Plus, the benefits of using LED bulbs.

Click here to read all of our tips for creating outdoor spaces that feel warm and inviting.

Now that the winter is upon us and the days stay darker for longer, it’s the perfect time to consider outdoor lighting for a different use. Here are some winter lighting tips to keep in mind.

Light Your Walkways
Now that the days are getting shorter, we often arrive home in the dark. If your walkways aren’t well lit, it can be hard to navigate the entrance to your home, your backyard or sometimes even down your driveway. Well lit paths are a must this time of year for your family and guests to be able to easily (and safely!) find their way to your home’s entrances without cutting across your grass or trampling your landscaping.

Highlight Decorations for the Holidays
‘Tis the season for holidays decorations. This time of year is big for the McAdenville Christmas lights. Many of our clients request lighting in front of their houses or gutter lights to illuminate wreaths and other decorations on their windows. This can add a stunning warmth and eye catching detail to your decorations.

Add Spotlights and Highlights to Your Home’s Exterior and Landscaping
With darker evenings starting around 5p, now is the perfect time to highlight your home with outdoor lighting. You can even add a little drama to areas of your yard that wouldn’t normally draw your eye during the day. Consider adding spotlights on the exterior of your home, trees or architectural details. Hardscape lights for retaining walls. Or even pond lights for aquatic features.

Ready to add some stunning lighting to your home’s exterior or landscaping? Or, have a holiday vision that could use a pop of light? Contact us today to get started.