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Landscape Design Installation + Repair

Landscape Design, Installation, and Repair

Whether it is installing a new landscape for new construction, replacing a few plants, or adding a new landscape to your property we can beautify your property. S & A is a licensed NC Landscape Contractor.

It is very common among residential new construction for homeowners to be responsible to add the landscape. Often new homes are clear cut and do not have any landscape left. On the bright side, we view this as an opportunity for you to design your yard just as you want it.  

Landscape design and installation is a service we offer to homeowners, commercial businesses, municipalities, realtors, and many more. S & A will meet with you for an initial consult, draft a design, amend design if needed, and then implement construction of design. All factors are taken into account when designing your landscape (i.e. exposure, water needs, your preferences, etc). We take a sustainable approach by investing in landscapes that will survive the climate of the area they are planted in. Maybe intuitive, but native plants consume much less resources and more than likely they were produced locally. Sourcing local and community outreach is a common theme among S & A Landscaping’s company attitude.

Backyard gardens are popping up everywhere with the push to grow your own food and understand what your family eats. Edible landscapes and gardens can also be incorporated into your property.

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