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Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Increasingly people are seeking the outdoors for entertainment and gathering purposes. The tranquility the outdoors brings into our lives should be capitalized on and our patio and outdoor living areas do just that.  

What is better than being at home with your family and friends? Being on vacation with them in your backyard! We build backyard retreats that will let the hustle and bustle of the workday slip away and provides important relief to our lives. 

Fire pits offer the campfire feeling for your S’more outings and can be utilized in other outdoor cooking experiences. It’s a nice way to detach the kids (or yourself) away from the television and computer for a night outside. Typically, seating around a standard fire pit will range from 6-8 people. Another option is outdoor fireplaces. The type of fireplace that you choose will reflect your style and your entertainment goals with the fireplace. Both of these fire options can be built using natural gas as your heat source.  They will both add value to your property.

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to your backyard living area. Natural gas grills and cooking surfaces will remove the hassle of running out of propane and lugging around heavy tanks. You might want to add a pergola or some type of covered structure over your cooking area. Outdoor prep sinks and refrigerators, the sky is the limit.  S & A will tailor this project exactly to the functionality that you need.

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