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About S&A Landscaping

S&A Landscaping and Property Services, Inc. was formed in 2010 by Scott and Angela Attaway. Like most companies, we began very small and grew with each satisfied customer to be where we are now.   At S&A Landscaping we offer our customers a variety of resources to maintain their properties. What we offer is not only landscape maintenance, but a relationship between both parties to provide careful oversight of their biggest investment… their property. With backgrounds in management, horticulture, and planning, S&A can manage your maintenance!

We realize constant communication is paramount to any relationship and we thrive at keeping the customer up to date on their property. S&A provides our clients with a schedule of seasonal maintenance, but we also constantly communicate the overall condition of the property to the client.

S&A Landscaping strives to promote a sustainable relationship between the built environment and nature by utilizing best management practices and smart planting techniques. The sense of pride that we have for community and quality workmanship drives our company. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate this with your property.

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Scott Attaway, the President of S & A

Scott began his landscaping career unknowingly as a teenager with much knowledge from his stepfather, Richard (Dickie) Long, who was a graduate of N.C. State’s Horticulture program. He mentored Scott at the early onset of S & A. Scott graduated from Appalachian State University in 2006 when he soon realized that his passions and skills were geared toward beautifying people’s properties and incorporating nature into people’s daily lives. As the built environment rapidly grows so should the incorporation of green space and outdoor recreation. Scott serves on the Gastonia Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Gaston County Planning Board where he offers his background of landscaping and planning to influence smart growth techniques.

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