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Why A "Smart" Irrigation System is the Perfect Spring Investment

Irrigation systems are a streamlined, easy way to get that magazine-worthy lawn you're after.

Why A “Smart” Irrigation System is the Perfect Spring Investment

Everyone wants a lawn that’s worthy of a magazine spread, but getting lush, green grass isn’t as easy as it looks. Luckily, technological advances make it possible to have a beautiful landscape that you’re proud to show off. You’ve heard us mention the perks of irrigation systems before, but as warm weather rolls around we’re covering this topic once again, as there’s no better time to consider this investment. Busy homeowners can now enjoy an even more streamlined lawn care process thanks to a “smart” irrigation system. Just like you can monitor the temperature in your house using an app, a smart irrigation system lets you manage your lawn care process right from your phone. In fact, if you have an Amazon device (such as the Echo or Dot) you can control your watering schedule using Alexa. Beyond just automating  your watering schedule, the system also provides alerts about weather changes so you can adjust accordingly. Sounds much easier than snaking a hose throughout your property all spring and hoping for the best, right? Here are a few other reasons why a “smart” irrigation system is the perfect warm weather investment.

It removes the worry

Your lawn looks great now, but you’ve got a two-week vacation planned this summer. You can already picture the depressing, dried out sight that’ll greet you when you get home. A smart irrigation system prevents you from having to schedule your life around your grass’s needs. Your lawn will receive the right amount of water, regardless of whether you’re relaxing at home or jet-setting.

It meets the unique watering needs of the micro-climates found within your lawn

If you’re treating all areas of your property the same, you’re not going to see the results you’re hoping for. This is because your grass is made up of different micro-climates (or zones) that require a unique type of care and attention. A smart irrigation system tailors the amount and frequency of water specifically for each of these zones.

It adds curb appeal to your home

Not only does having a bright, healthy lawn attract would-be buyers, but telling these people that you have a smart irrigation system installed can also pique their interest in your property. 

At S&A Landscaping, we’re also recommending a new HC flow meter to our clients to further streamline their lawn care experience. This advanced piece of technology indicates out-of-the-ordinary water usage, letting homeowners know when their system has a leak. This allows you to conserve water as effectively as possible, thus saving you money on your monthly bills.

Though a smart irrigation system makes taking care of your property easy, it’s important to consult with a lawn care professional before installing one of these systems. At S&A Landscaping, we’re fully licensed and able to outfit your home with a smart irrigation system.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your 

home can benefit from a smart irrigation system, contact us today. It’s time to take the hassle out of

 caring for your lawn, as you enjoy a property that looks effortlessly beautiful.

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