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Irrigation installation and repair

Irrigation Installation and Repair

As a licensed N.C. Irrigation Contractor, S & A offers new sprinkler system installation, system extension and modifications, spring start-ups and winterizations. We practice water smart techniques and constantly attend training for new technology and practices.  

If you do not have irrigation your turf shows it after Spring green up. Rainfall is unpredictable and not being able to control that variable is troublesome. Installing an irrigation system will allow us to control watering for different plant and grass regions of your property. Like most of our business, exposure and wind and plant type will dictate how we build the zones for your new irrigation system. Certain plants might not need water throughout the year, so you want your design to be efficient. Water is not a resource that we take for granted at S & A. Every effort is made to mitigate runoff, evaporation, and waste. 

We can also dissect problems in old irrigation systems and bring them up to current standards. Many repair/service calls lead to discovering an old irrigation system that is in need of major up-fitting. Often the constant water waste of an old system overshadows the repair and up-fit cost over time. Also important to note is that most local governments appreciate a conserving mentality among their citizenry. 

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